Built environment


The oldest branches of HOLDVÖLGY cellar system were built in the late Middle Ages, at the early days of Tokaj wine production. The unique cellar complex had continuously been expanding for centuries, and in 1955, with the unification of nine separate cellars, it gained its current length of 1830 meters, comprising 109 corridors on 3 levels.


The most recent renovation and reconstruction in the cellar system took place from 2011 to 2013, lasting no less than 23 months. Meanwhile, in just six months, the ultramodern glass building of the HOLDVÖLGY winery and wine shop was built directly connected to the ancient cellar system organically embedding in the landscape.


In the cellar’s labyrinth-like passages an interactive installation takes place in one of the big underground halls realized by a group of artists, making the visit an artistic experience. In another noteworthy smaller hall 28 bottles of 2008 vintage szamorodni wines are hidden, symbolizing 28 historic winemaking villages of the Tokaj region.







    3909 MÁD, ÁRPÁD U. 13.

    GPS É48º190316 K21º280946


    TELEFON +36 70 391 46 43